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Are you an entrepreneur starting or growing your business?
This is your chance to make questions to world-class speakers and CEOs with million euros valuation companies.


EVENT WILL START IN ABOUT 6 MONTHS (Date to be announced
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Add to My Calendar 2019-11-02 10:00:00 2019-11-02 18:30:00 Europe/Lisbon Q&A Summit Q&A Summit is the conference where you get your questions answered. Attendees make questions and experts share their knowledge. Q&A Summit brings back the practicality of entrepreneurship. The thinkers, think. The doers, do. This is the summit of the doers and doers make and answer questions. In the end, it’s the doers who change the world and that’s why we never forget them. https://qnasummit.com Lisbon, Portugal Via Globe Unipessoal Lda support@qandasummit.com


Morning Snack

Morning Snack for the early birds


Opening Speech

by Miguel Salvado


Unscalable? Personal Branding in 2020: How To Build Your Brand and Make The Impact You Deserve

by Benno Sawitzki

Todays digital world gets more crowded every day. Often it seems to be impossible to push through the noise. How can I build a personal brand that sticks out of the crowd? How can I make sure my message gets heard and how can I attract the right customers, partners and employees for my business? Is a strong personal brand just something that comes naturally or can I follow a specific framework to grow and scale my brand?


The Dark Side of Management

by Ricardo Parreira

Business is adapting to new standards of the digital age but managing a company still challenges any skilled decision-maker. Knowing how to resist The Dark Side of Management is imperative to successfully implement the best strategies for business growth.


Globalization and International Business Development

by Pedro Hipólito

For centuries, international business meant sending a messenger horseback riding with a letter, or shipping goods on wooden sail boats. With the rise of telecommunications and the revolution of the Information Age, we’re currently living in the tipping point for international business and career, that’s why globalization should be everyone’s priority on a professional and personal level.


How to Grow a Business in the New Economy – PANEL DISCUSSION

by Pedro F. Hipólito, Omid Asgari, Benno Sawitzki, Terra Milo (Moderator)


Buffet Lunch


Growth Hacks to Create a Global Company From Anywhere

by Pedro Santos

How DarwinLabs manages to sell to North America, Europe and Asia without leaving Portugal.


How can Artificial Intelligence help to Grow and Scale your Business?

by Soraya Gadit

Artificial intelligence technologies are impacting the business world. “Artificial intelligence” is a broad and general term that refers to any type of computer software that engages in humanlike activities, including learning, planning and problem-solving. Today, artificial intelligence is a household name (and sometimes even a household presence – hi, Alexa!)


How to Empower Managerial Decision Making to Grow Your Business

by Omid Asgari

Nowadays, organizations have lots of good ideas or initiatives, but they don’t have the resources to pursue all of them. Having a clear, transparent, and collaborative process for choosing the right actions is crucial for the success of the innovation initiatives.


The Truth of Starting and Scaling an Online Business

by Rafic Daud

Lets peels back the curtain to reveal the truth of starting and scaling a successful business in the digital age, no holds barred.


Nailing Kickstarter

by Bernardo Duque Carreira

Crowdfunding is a tough world. At the same time it provides magical opportunities for hardware companies to overcome huge manufacturing MOQs and raise money by selling their products before they exist. This presentation goes inside the bits and bolts of a campaign that raised $120k


Learning from Case Studies on Conversational Marketing

by Filipe Mendes

The way we communicate is constantly changing. And businesses need to keep evolving. The way brands communicate with their clients has a growing new element: chat bots, which is AI at the service of brands, giving customers a sense of humanisation. It allows businesses to scale while saving time and resources. How have brands dealt with this new reality? What are the success stories? And the failures? What can we learn from them?


Afternoon Snack

Afternoon Snack break.


The Key to Longevity

by Terra MIlo

Starting a new business is exciting but if we want to create a business with longevity, we need to keep a few critical things in mind. Whether you’re creating a business to run yourself or to eventually sell, you want to stand out in the new economy.


Building a profitable business with no investors, no capital and no experience

by Michael Heron

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business are often held back from moving forward. They are usually worried about not being experienced enough, not having enough capital or backing from investors. In this presentation I will share my own experience of starting a b2b consultancy business in Portugal, and how it really is possible to achieve success without experience, investors or capital.


You are in sales, We all are!

by Nuno Rodrigues Poço

As Reid Hoffman puts it, “if your first product doesn’t embarrass you, you’ve launched too late.”
Your entrepreneurial journey starts with your first customer, and with doing stuff that doesn’t scale. It’s hard work, and sales is part of it.
Understand why and how you’ll be better prepared than your competition by focusing on selling from day one.”


Shooting to the Stars – How we’ve started to work with Hollywood

by Nuno Fonseca

If you could choose any person or company to have as client of your company, who would you choose?
In our case, the dream client would be the Hollywood studios. This is the approach we followed to reach that unrealistic goal


Stop Measuring “How Many” and Focus on “How Good” (PRESENTATION)

by Fateme Banishoeib

In a world constantly measuring “how many” likes, employees, followers, you name it, what if instead you could focus on “how good”? We have grown the obsession to scale up. What scaling really means? Fateme will guide you through a more human focus on scaling.


Should You Scale Your Business? (PANEL DISCUSSION)

Speaker 1: Fateme Banishoeib.
Speaker 2: Terra Milo.

Moderator: Pedro Lemos.


Strategize. Streamline. Scale. (PRESENTATION)

by Rhiannon Leila

This presentation will cover the benefits of automation and when to streamline your business. It will also teach you how to keep a personal touch while maximizing your time and the steps you can take to successfully implement automation processes in order to scale your business.


Branding for Scale (PRESENTATION)

by Donna Longhurst Jackson

Donna Longhurst Jackson is a renowned branding expert and she will be speaking about branding, both personal and corporate, and how it defines success and relates to scaling. How to find clients and pitch for financing. The journey from start up to Scaling.


Mistakes to Avoid When Building Business Sales Function

by Chad Spain

Chad Spain, Consulting Partner at Whitten & Roy Partnership, LLC will let us know about the 5 mistakes we often see companies make when building the sales function of their business.


The Messy Truth About Scaling a Business (PRESENTATION)

by Dakini Alexandra Isenegger

The reality is that it’s never been easier to start a business, and never been harder to scale. Dakini will share her experience, challenges, and answer questions from the audience.


Digital Marketing Tools to Scale Up Your Business (PRESENTATION)

by Dr. Rodrigo Perez-Vega

Insights on how digital marketing tools can be used to scale up your business.


Marketing to Scale Up Your Business (PANEL DISCUSSION)

Speaker 1: Dr Rodrigo Perez-Vega.
Speaker 2: Dakini Alexandra Isenegger.

Moderator: Terra Milo.


The Most Common Mistakes People Make at Times of Scaling (PRESENTATION)

by Deborah Dahab

Identify some of the most common mistakes people make at times of scaling.


Coworking as the new blitzscaling platform (PRESENTATION)

by Nuno Guilherme

Coworking as the new blitzscaling platform.


How Local Connections Can Help Online Businesses Thrive And Scale (PANEL DISCUSSION)

by Nuno Guilherme and Deborah Dahab

Nuno will talk about co-working and Deborah helps people with the psychology of being an entrepreneur.

Speaker 1: Nuno Guilherme
Speaker 2: Deborah Dahab

Moderator: David Ganço


How to Boost Your Business Via Social Media Marketing (PRESENTATION)

by Alexander Kraus

Learn how to grow and scale your business with Instagram and Facebook ads. What and how is the Facebook Family offering to companies to reach their preferred and new audiences via Social Media. Learn about different marketing campaigns and their Ad Formats.


Social Media: The Current State of the Internet (PANEL DISCUSSION)

About the social media supremacy and how to make it work for your business.
Speaker 1: Alexander Kraus
Speaker 2: Rodrigo Perez-Vega
Moderator: Miguel Salvado


Why Hire a Coding Bootcamp Graduate to Work in Your Business (PRESENTATION)

Startup life is rough, limited time, staff and resources. Success is based on the team you hire, that do more with less.


Bigger Is Not Always Better (PRESENTATION)

by Solonia Teodros

How should companies decide whether they need to get bigger? While conventional wisdom has taught us bigger is better, the decision to grow or scale your business comes down to how founders define success, what really matters, and how to work within those parameters. Solonia Teodros, co founder of The Change School, will share her journey of building, growing and transforming a Singapore-based startup into an online business, and key lessons learned along the way.



Amazing Industry Experts

We have amazing industry experts and entrepreneurs with a proven track-record.

Right at The Heart of Lisbon

The event is at the prestigious UACS (chamber of commerce) auditorium. In Rua Castillho, near Avenida and Marques Pombal subway stations.

Food, Drink and Night Out Included

Breakfast, lunch and snacks offered throughout the day. Fun networking time with QnA Summit night event.

Make Questions and Learn

This is the summit of the doers and doers make questions. Use our open microphone to pose questions directly to the speakers.


Refundable Tickets at Early-bird Stage of 2020 Edition

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Ask Pass
  • 12 Speakers
  • Lunch and snack breaks
  • Questions to CEOs with million euros valuation companies
  • Access to the entire venue
  • Free night out
One-Year Full Business Support
    Get Help Managing Your Business

  • Get full access to the event
  • 1 year long monthly meetings with business experts and QnA Summit speakers
  • 1 year long full support to create your business App / Website
  • 1 year long full support managing your social media marketing strategy (Photo, Video, Press coverage, posting)
  • Press coverage. ViaNewsAgency.com video service fully included

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Student Ticket (Bring your student ID card to the venue)
  • 12 Speakers
  • Lunch and snack breaks
  • Questions to CEOs with million euros valuation companies
  • Access to the entire venue
  • Free night out


Event is supported by easily recognisable companies and products which we use everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get to the venue?

The map and contact details are down bellow in the contact information. You will also receive a confirmation email with the location map. UACS auditorium is next to subway station Avenida and Marques Pombal. From subway Avenida: 6-minutes walk (350 meters). From Marques Pombal: 8-minutes walk (600 meters).

How long will the event take?

The event will start at 9:30 AM and ends at 6:30 PM.

How long is a speaker presentation?

The presentation will be for about 20 minutes.

When can I ask question?

Its up to the speaker to choose the format but generally it is 20 minutes presentation and post 20 minutes of audience QnA.

Why should I attend this event?

Q&A Summit is an amazing event that wants to bring back the practicality of entrepreneurship. This is a great chance for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses, business coaches, freelancers, digital nomads, and aspiring entrepreneurs to make questions directly to speakers and also get exposure. The event’s audio and video are being recorded by news publications and will be published on social media.

When can I make questions and what should I say?

You may make questions at any time during the panel discussions and at the end of presentations. Once you get to the event’s microphone, the moderator will let you pose the question.
When posing a question, you should start with your name, position, and company. Examples:

Hello, I’m Karen and I’m the co-founder and CEO of X Fashion Store and my question is…

After that, just make your question. Feel free to make any question, there is no such thing as a stupid question.


Where is the QnA Summmit night out?

Venue: Cais do Gas 7-8 Cais Sodré, Lisbon.

👉👉 Welcome drinks: There will be free welcome drinks from 19h to 20h30.

👉👉 What time: we start at 19h and intend to stay as long as you can hold on :-). Of-course you can come anytime and leave as you wish. Our suggestions please come early to get really feelings of the group.

👉👉 Collaboration : Expats & Locals group and Via News Agency.

Payment types accepted

Accepted payments are PayPal, debit card, credit card (Visa, Mastercard). You may also pay via bank transfer, credit or debit card, or cash at our office in Rua de Santo Amaro 17A, 1200-801 Lisbon – Portugal from 10AM to 5 PM. Please email us or call us at 00351 915023825 for more information.

When I try to pay I only get a Paypal page. Where can I pay without Paypal?

When you get to the Paypal page, if you scroll down there is an option “Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card”. You may use your debit or credit card to pay there. You may also pay via bank transfer, debit or credit card, or cash at our office in Rua de Santo Amaro 17A, 1200-801 Lisbon – Portugal from 10AM to 5 PM. Please email us or call us at 00351 915023825 for more information.

What happens after I pay for the ticket?

After payment, a ticket code will be sent to your email over the next 12 hours. That code will give you access to the event.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by us, in which case we will always make a full refund.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, send your invoice details to support@qnasummit.com. All taxes are according to the Portuguese law and are included in the price.

What’s included in the ticket?

All tickets include a full day event. There will be five panel discussion, five presentations, two food breaks, posing questions to the speakers, networking time and the night out event. All tickets allow posing questions to speakers, except the Watch Ticket.

Can I pay off-line?

Yes, you may pay in our downtown Lisbon office or cash at our office in Rua de Santo Amaro 17A, 1200-801 Lisbon – Portugal from 10AM to 5 PM. Please email us or call us at 00351 915023825 for more information. All taxes are according to the Portuguese law and they are included in the price.

Can I pay at the Venue?

Yes, you may pay at the venue.

Do I have to pose questions to the speakers during the conference?

No. you may simply assist the conference. For that, you may buy the Watch Pass. The Watch pass gives access to the whole venue except the open microphone to make questions.


R. Castilho 14, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal
Time: 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM



+351 915023825



Press Accreditation

Email us to get press accreditation. Thank you

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